Journey 2: Rainbow Codes

Our second journey, the Light of Aloha Mystery School of ReMembering takes you back to the time of separation. Once we all shared a connected consciousness, like a web of information we all had equal access to. There came a point of evolution that required us to disconnect from this source to carry on as individuals. Each of us carried a portion of the lineage as we ventured off into the vast universe to create our own mini matrix. Each generation diluted these knowings and teachings until each of us were left with a fraction of our original sacred soul text. It is time to rejoin and remember. Imprinted in our DNA, we have access to this information and together with great intention, we are able to access these parts of ourselves and put the pieces back together.

As stewards of the mystery school, we create the sacred circle, activate the rainbow lineage by calling in the codes and then translate the frequencies into the teachings. Each journey and lesson is unique based on the individuals and the group. Each person carries with them a unique ingredient and contributes these to the groups overall cosmic recipe. We ground and activate these frequencies into activation portals that are available to anyone walking into the space and holding the frequency of remembering.

Based on the Group experience.

One of the key components of the Mystery School is that it's a mystery. We always share intentions and what you need to be most prepared but very little about the details of the specific activities of the day. This allows for us to shift with the magic of the moment without any expectations or interference from what we think we want or need. We have found that our haumana (students) end up loving this aspect of the journey most of all. 

Our intention is to hold complete space for you, take care of every minute detail and release you from all of the worries and planning a normal day in life demands. All you have to focus on is yourself and your journey. As children we are able to expand and grow at lightning speed, not because we are physically different but because we don't have the limitations and distractions of day to day responsibilities. We eliminate this for you. Sit back, relax and allow yourself to go deep within. 

With that being said, we have a lot of amazing experiences in store for you! We begin each day with talk story. We share ancient knowledge, ideas, challenges and set intentions for the day and what we want to work on. Then we go to amazing spaces and meditate, hold ceremony, swim, play, talk and allow time and spirit to guide us into the parts of ourselves that truth is waiting. After our day is complete, we enjoy dinner together and end our day with sharing about our journey. It's always incredible to witness how the day comes full circle and the amazing gifts it always brings. There is time each day for you to journal or be with yourself to integrate everything coming in.

Our entire journey is ohana style, which is unique from many of the other retreats offered today. There is no thing more important in Aloha than Ohana. Ohana is family and is the thing that grounds us, holds us in a container that makes us feel safe which in turn gives us freedom. We all stay in the same retreat center, travel in the same vehicle, share meals together and inevitably find a second family you can't imagine you were ever apart from. Our favorite part of the journey is seeing how so many amazing beings contract to come together in this point and time and the magic that comes from the connection and groups that form. Our hearts exponentially expand with each retreat and all of our loves that come from it. 

So what exactly do we do? It would be easier to list what we don't do!

Physically we swim in the gorgeous turquoise oceans, hike to ancient temples and waterfalls, drum in sacred caves, meditate on the mountain, hold heart ceremony in one of the most gorgeous spots on Earth, kayak through the jungle, cleanse in pure waters and celebrate life in every waking moment. 

Spiritually we identify and cleanse away old patterns and limitations, re-evaluate your purpose and intentions for this earth walk and deepen your connection with the outer world and inner self. 

Together we will realign with the frequency you have been trying to reach and continue to solidify the new paradigm we have all been working to co-create. 

Have questions? Email us or give us a call. Aloha nui loa a hui hou! (Much aloha until we meet again)

Sample Itinerary

A basis for how we intend the day to go...unless magic intervenes.
8:30 Kalana Hula in the garden (with Ocean and Mountain Views)
9:00 Breakfast & Talk Story
10:00 Depart Hale
10:15 Shop at local coconut farm for fresh coconuts & grab picnic lunch
10:45 Visit hidden sacred cleansing spot for Releasing Ceremony
12:30 Picnic and free time at beautiful local north shore beach
2:00 Visit dry cave and participate in sacred heart drum circle
4:00 Arrive back at ohana for free time or relax in the hot tub
6:30 Traditional ohana style dinner with private local chef (our own Auntie Karen)
7:30 Talk Story, share and wrap up
8:30 Pau (Complete)

Anytime you are going on a vision quest or participating in matters of the heart, it is best to show up without expectations but instead set intentions of what you would like to go home with.

Some of those intentions may include the following:

* Remembering how to manifest any intention into reality
* Learn to hear your inner voice and trust your intuition
* Experience personal empowerment & transformation
* Deepen your connection to your inner self
* Learn about Ancient Hawaii, Mu & Lemuria
* Learn, once secret, mysteries and wisdom
* Learn and practice Universal Shamanic Teachings
* Experience epiphanies, those Ah-Ha moments & downloads
* Connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels, Past Lives & Ancestors

What's Included:

Transportation to and from the airport

7 nights and 8 days in local retreat center. Option for private or shared room.

All Breakfasts and dinners- You will have opportunity to pick up lunch at local stores/shops

All materials and tools needed throughout week

All activities and entrance fees

Transportation the entire week

One on one and group coaching

And many more surprises! 

From the moment you land, until your departure, we take care of all of your needs so you can relax into the journey. Excluded are airfare, lunch and any shopping you may want to do while on island. Other than that, you are completely provided for.

$2222 All inclusive for shared room (2 per room)

$2555 All inclusive for private room

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Mystery School of ReMembering

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Mystery School of ReMembering

Journey 1: Who Am I?

August 8-15, 2020 Kaui'i, Hawai'i

The Light of Aloha Mystery School of Re-Membering is ready to help you answer the timeless question...Who Am I. Read More...


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